Author: benutadesa

The Usage of MyWegmansConnect for the Employees

MyWegmansConnect is the human resources portal for Wegmans’ staffs. This website provides all information needed by the employees. It is so since Wegmans Company centralizes all data in this system. Moreover, Wegmans Connect enables the company to track and manage the employment details. So, they can decide the crucial thing about their staffs. As the sample, the company can pay their workers according to the total of working hours. That is why My Wegmans Connect becomes the great tool to review the workers’ performance.


Mywegmansconnect is available 24 hours a day. So, you can access this platform whenever you need it. Perhaps, in the midnight, you want to check schedule tomorrow. You cannot contact HR staff at night, can’t you? So, the only way to check the next work schedule is by accessing Wegmans Connect. In fact, viewing the work schedule is not the only task which the employees can do at My Wegmans Connect. Here is another usage of Wegmans Connect.

  • Viewing the working hours.

Through scheduling software in Wegmans Connect, you will be able to see the working hours. You can track how many hours you have to work in a week. Besides, the schedule feature lets you ask for the day off. It is easier than requesting the time off by visiting HR office. This way you can save your time since everything you can do through online.

  • Checking the employee’s benefit.

Wegmans offers the benefits for all its employees. As the example, you can view the medical plan o other insurance. Through My Wegmans Connect, you can access 401K along with the retirement plan. This platform also enables you to change the amount of contribution for your retirement program.

  • Checking the pay statement.

Checking your financial statement is also possible to do in Wegmans Connect. There is no more paper pay stub used by Wegmans. It is because the employees can access online pay stub. Just logging into your Wegmans Connect account, then you can view the pay statement and pay period as well.

  • Sharing information for others.

Data sharing is one of the features in My Wegmans Connect. This program is integrated with the centralized system. So, you will be easy to send all types of data to other Wegmans’ employees. Besides, you can even transfer your data to the employer. Furthermore, the Wegmans management can post the latest information in Wegmans Connect. This way, all employees will get informed.